Cotswold Hardscapes Ltd
Based in Chicago but biased in Cotswold stone.
Based in Chicago but biased in natural Cotswold stone.
:Unilock Seminars 2013
Based in Chicago but biased in natural Cotswold stone.

News and Events:

Currently, Cotswold Hardscapes Ltd will be speaking to the landscape industry with particular reference to the " Legacy and Longevity " we have achieved as a prominent Chicagoland landscaping contractor for over 28 years..

I am honoured to be the guest speaker for Unilock Inc., one of North Americas leading hardscape manufacturers of brick pavers, retaining walls and wet cast systems. Please visit to inspect their quality products and new ranges for this season.

Cotswold Hardscapes Ltd is also consulting Westminster Stone from the UK, suppliers to the National Trust UK, with particular reference as to how natural biased stone will be having a huge influence on the North American hardscape industry. Please visit to see where the US landscape industry is getting its current bias from.

On February the 19th, 2013. I will be the guest speaker for Illinois Brick Inc. on the future trends of the industry, pricing for profit, justifying your prices and ways to build your business. Educational credits are available. Visit for further information. 

Tom Grandy, a financial consultant to the landscape industry, has developed a software program to help landscape contractors survive with longevity. Please visit to witness this amazing system and how companies can remain in business, profitably.

Unilock Seminars 2013