Cotswold Gardens Ltd
It is very important that we leave each project with nothing but impeccable reviews and references. 
"Pleased" is not acceptable to us. We promise more, deliver more and will reward your faith in us.
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Just like Daffodils, we intend to come out each Spring !

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Hyde Park, London.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials ...I swear I didn't ask for these !

  • "Showed great concern. Makes you feel special" Mr. & Mrs. B.
  • "Paddy is truly a pleasure - displays thoughtfulness & care" Mr. & Mrs. G.
  • "Truly an expert" Mr. & Mrs. S.
  • "Displayed creative knowledge & care. A professional & now a friend" Mr. & Mrs. R.
  • "Very thorough, courteous, conscientious & professional" Mr. & Mrs. C.
  • "Thanks for your efficiency & patience" Mr. & Mrs. O.
  • "Never once let me down. Honest approach & lives up to his word" Mr. F.
  • "Outstanding person & a credit to this country" Mr. & Mrs. K.
  • "Completely reliable, honest & trustworthy" Fr. M. & Fr. W.
  • "Distinctive sense of humor" Mr. M.
  • "Pleasure to deal with someone as nice" Mr. & Mrs. M.
  • "Patience of a saint" Mr. & Mrs. B.
  • "I wish he would stay home & do our house!!!" Michaela Conway 

  • I just took another stroll around our "new paradise" and 
    it brought a few tears. I can't believe that this is ours. You have done an 
    incredible job and created a masterpiece. You have such a talent with
    your vision and your guys have brought that vision to our reality. Ok the tears 
    are coming again. 
    Thank you so much to you, the guys and Cotswold.  CB, Lemont.