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                          The Cotswolds

The top picture is where Mikki and I first lived. Right on the river bank. We had a cottage that the Romans used as a stable over 800 years ago. The far side of the River is England. The near side leads to Wales. Twice a day the tide comes from the ocean ( right hand side of pic ) and squeezes up the River Severn, causing on of the longest surfs in the world. 27 miles is the record. The noise is deafening at night. It's called the Severn Bore. 
You can view it here....

The Romans crossed at low tide, drank the Welsh beer and rode home for Fish and Chips. They often drowned, hence the need for stables on the river bank, in case they were a tad tired from pillaging and playing spin the bottle !!!
Many great folklore tales survived. The sadness in the graveyards is reflected in the youths who fell victim to these powerful tides. However, a beautiful part of the world it is.

The Cotswolds. Possibly one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Severn street leads from the main village road right down to the river bank. The walk was steep for some, hence FIL Peter used the traffic bollard as a welcomed seat !